Friday, June 24, 2005

I'll Say "Hello" to Mickey for You

Image borrowed from intercot

Just wanted to let you know that blogging will likely be light ... to nonexistant ... over the next week. I am headed to Walt Disney World for vacation! Mrs. Brainwise and I were invited to join my sister, her daughter, and my parents for a big family vacation at the happiest place on earth (I think that statement is trademarked ... someone please check for me). I do have a Treo with Internet access, so maybe I will be able to make a post here and there. But while I will miss all of you ... come on! I'm going to be at Disney World!! Who's gonna have time to blog?!? See you in seven...


Catmom said...

But...but...but... you didn't tell us how Otis is doing, and who's looking after the poor fellow (and his brother)while you're gone? Now I'm just going to worry for a whole week...... :-)

Lara said...

I liked Animal Kingdom the best. :)

Have fun!