Friday, June 03, 2005

Friday Megalith Blogging

From Wikipedia:
A megalith is a large stone which has been used to construct a structure or monument either alone or with other stones. Megalithic means made of such stones, but without the use of mortar or cement. The word megalith comes from the Ancient Greek megas meaning large, and lithos meaning stone.
From Columcille:

"Manannan," named for the mighty Irish Sea God, is the tallest stone at Columcille (20 feet high!)

Definitions are handy, but they don't always convey the full sense of the defined. You know what I mean? The above photo was taken at Columcille Megalith Park and Celtic Art Center on May 14. Columcille is located between Bangor and East Stroudsburgh, PA. I have a buncho of pics from my May 15 visit posted to my Flickr account. Or, to see all the thumbnails in one blast, just surf on over to my A Visit to Columcille page. Scroll down to the "Megaliths and Other Structures" heading.

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