Friday, June 17, 2005

Condi, Please be Charitable

Condoleezza Rice Plays Piano for Charity Condoleezza Rice, who took her first piano lesson at the age of three and was a would-be concert pianist in her teens, played in front of a packed theatre at the weekend to raise awareness of a rare and life-threatening disease. The US Secretary of State accompanied a 21-year-old soprano who had pulmonary hypertension, a lung disease, diagnosed a little more than a year ago. Charity Sunshine Tillemann-Dick sang as Dr Rice played selections by Verdi, Mozart and Jerome Kern. [full story]
Hey, Condi. If you really want to do something charitable, just resign your post in the Bush Administration. Oh, and encourage some of your colleagues to do likewise. Then you can go and play piano as often as you like, instead of shilling lies for Dubya.

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