Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The 100 Greatest Films?

TIME magazine posted a list of the 100 Greatest Films of all time. "Apocalypse Now" is missing, but "Finding Nemo" made the cut. The most popular director was Martin Scorsese with three films on the list. Robert De Niro led all actors with five. Go ahead and talk amongst yourselves. Apparently, that is the point:
"100 lists are fun to discuss, fun to argue over," Richard Schickel (TIME magazine movie critic) told The Associated Press. "I don't think anybody should say, `That's it, that's the final 100! No disputing this for the rest of eternity!' You know, stuff changes. Life changes. You change." []
Now, I liked Finding Nemo, truly enjoyed it, but does Nemo really hold its own on a list like this?

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smijer said...

No Blazing Saddles? Not my kind of list.