Monday, April 25, 2005

True Adventures in Junk Mail | Latvia Calling

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Welcome to another edition of True Adventures in Junk Mail:
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Hmmmm... Let us count the red flags in this recruiting email. (1) It is addressed to an address I never use for job-hunting, (2) it is riddled with grammar problems such as "We are working out software", (3) the sender's email address does not seem to match the individual's stated name or the company ( does not equal ... or any reputable recruiter that I have heard of), and the kicker (4) they suggest making a financial "treaty" with them.

Oh riiiight. Like that's going to happen. That last item would be enough to send this message to the trash heap, but since there are over three strikes, I have to delete it as soon as possible. And that is right after I take a screen shot for posterity.

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