Friday, April 15, 2005

True Adventures in Junk Mail | Inaugural Entry

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Welcome to the trial run of my new feature, True Adventures in Junk Mail. I will endeavor to post images and/or text from interesting or amusing pieces of junk e-mail. For the inaugural entry, we certainly have a doozie (thank you, Scottie V!):
Doesn't make you tingle with anticipation? Oh, how could I live a happy life without the help of these fine folks? (Actually, quite well, I am sure). I would have posted it earlier, but I was plagued by a fit of giggles. In fact, I'm still giggling about it. Please note that I have not included the click-through with the above image. Click the pic all you want, you're not going to activate the ad. It's just a saved copy. But if you really want to check out the company, go right ahead.
Update: They have another image!


Herald-Cauldron said...

You might live quite well without us, but you can't die without us.

God put eternity in the heart of man. There's a death clock ticking and you know it. Jest and Just are avowal apart.

brainwise said...

Riiiight. I can't die without a debt management company? What an odd statement.

But you are welcome to it.

And you know what? I will agree with the "death clock ticking" bit. Why not? We're born into this world and the only way out of it is death. That's when I get to hang up the skin suit, this "ugly bag of mostly water" (see here, here, and here). But that's alright because the skin suit isn't the real me; it's simply a vehicle for moving around the physical plane. And when death takes me across the barrier, I hope I can soar into the next phase of my life with as much gusto as possible.

Thanks for stopping by, Herald-Cauldron. You take care now, y'hear?