Friday, April 29, 2005

The Lord of the Rings .... Condensed

Animated GIFs are the Cliffs Notes of the digital age. You heard it here first. I now present to you ... The Lord of the Rings in its entirety (that is, all three parts, but it's really quite condensed):
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I don't know the folks involved in its creation. I simply received it in my email. And the geek in me is very amused.


mira said...

I love it, especially since I've spend the past few nights watching the Extended Editions of all 3 movies, and getting my butt kicked by the The Return of the King video game.

I tend to get Gandalf and Aragorn killed. A lot. A whole lot.

Lara said...

Oh. I really enjoy this. I may link it to my page. So fun!


Sarah said...

Just thought I'd say hi, I'm the maker of this GIF and I appreciate your posting/enjoying it!! :)