Thursday, April 07, 2005

Knowledge@Wharton | Do You Know Where Your Identity Is?

Identity theft is such an important issue. That is why I am sharing a story from this week's Knowledge@Wharton Newsletter:
Do You Know Where Your Identity Is? Personal Data Theft Eludes Easy Remedies ChoicePoint, a consumer data vendor, hands over personal information on at least 145,000 people to criminals posing as small businesses. Hackers swipe the personal information of 32,000 people who use the database Lexis-Nexis. Bank of America loses backup tapes containing 1.2 million federal employee records. Every day, it seems, a new identify theft incident is reported followed by new rounds of questions: Should data vendors be regulated? Can identity theft hurt e-commerce? How do individuals protect themselves? Unfortunately, suggest Wharton faculty and others, no simple answers are available, especially when personal information is so easily available through search engines.
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