Friday, April 08, 2005

Friday Pet Blogging | What's Cookin'?

Someone's in the kitchen with Otis... All parents think their kid is a precious genius, right? (Psssst. Yes, I really do mean precious as opposed to precocious). Well, my lovely wife recently snapped some photographic evidence of Otis' nascent culinary flair. Here he is pulling a Betty Crocker:
What's Cookin'?  (click for larger image)
"Meatball ... Meatloaf ... Mushrooms ... Hey! There's no entry for 'mouse'!"
Now this kind of surprised me. I would have actually pegged Otis' brother, Milo, as the bookish type. Otis usually seems way too hyper to sit and read for any length of time. But he does enjoy some television programming from time to time. Hmmmm. Perhaps he has been watching the food channel while his humans are at work. I dunno.
The Modulator has a compilation of today's pet posts from other bloggers. Previous Milo & Otis appearances on Prophet or Madman are indexed here ... just in case you missed one. And do keep your eyes peeled for the next installment of the Carnival of the Cats.
Photo Date: April 2004

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