Monday, April 11, 2005

Free Tea! And It's Good!

When I decided to plug Adagio Teas on this blog last Monday (see I Am A Shameless Shill for Adagio Teas), I figured my reward would simply be two or three teabags. So when I actually received my free tea last Thursday, I was surprised to find that the package did not include any prepared teabags. Instead, Adagio had sent me a cannister of their rooibos peach blend (click for larger image):

a cannister of fine FREE Adagio tea

This tea has an excellent aroma -- everyone in my office commented positively on it -- which certainly adds to the taste of the brew. A cup of this tea is slightly sweet but not too fruity, which makes for an excellent after lunch beverage in my opinion. I would consider purchasing this! I have to thank Lynn for the tip. And I may consider giving these folks a more permanent link, either here or at my so-called homepage. But right now, I am wondering if this short but positive review (replete with Adagio links, natch) could qualify for another reward. I certainly would like to sample one of their other varieties.

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Lynn S said...

That was fast, wasn't it? I got a sample of their vanilla tea. I'm definitely going to buy some tea from them later on.