Monday, March 07, 2005

Trading a Cursor for Cross-Hairs

MacRaven cites this story about "High Tech Hunters" pushing the envelope. The ethical envelope, that is. You see, these guys are into remote-control hunting, an activity that really distances the hunter from the hunted:
A San Antonio entrepreneur recently created an uproar with a Web site, , that aims to allow hunters to shoot exotic game animals or feral pigs on his private hunting ranch by remote control, with the click of a mouse, from anywhere in the world.
As a non-hunter (but someone who supports hunters), I have to agree with MacRaven when he writes: "Killing is not the goal of the hunt: eating is the goal of the hunt ... the means to the hunt (actually stalking the animal) recognizes the symbiosis between man and beast, and our place in the vast scheme of the world." And no one is saying anything against the use of technology as an aid in hunting. The disdain is for anyone who hunts for sport and uses technology to gain an extremely unfair (and unneccessary) advantage.

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