Thursday, March 17, 2005

Science | 13 Things That Do Not Make Sense

Thanks to my pal Loki for pointing out that has a report on 13 things that do not make sense. There are a few noticable absences from this list. For example, they do not even try to tackle the Michael Bolton "mullet-to-grammy-nomination" ratio. Nor do they mention President Bush's dismal record scientific policymaking. But, for the record, here is the current list of "things that do not make sense" -- for explanations of each one, refer to the article:
  1. The Placebo Effect (hey, it works for me!)
  2. The Horizon Problem (in my opinion, all minivans are a problem)
  3. Ultra-Energetic Cosmic Rays (as opposed to the lethargic Ray Romano)
  4. Belfast Homeopathy Results (this refers to a healthcare treatment; it has nothing to do with same-sex marriage)
  5. Dark Matter (more mysterious than dark chocolate, but not as good for you)
  6. Viking's Methane (nothing to do with the football team, or Lief Ericson -- they are talking about the 1976 Viking landers on Mars)
  7. Tetraneutrons (tiny versions of Yod, He, Waw, He ... just kidding!)
  8. The Pioneer Anomaly (deviate sister probes -- I'm not kidding)
  9. Dark Energy (this has nothing to do with the Bush Administration's energy policy)
  10. The Kuiper Cliff (the end of the sidewalk)
  11. The Wow Signal (oh great, now the FCC is broadcasting some sort of a cosmic laugh track)
  12. Not-So-Constant Constants (this is news??)
  13. Cold Fusion (it's baaaaack!)

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