Thursday, March 24, 2005

Quotable | Tranquility, Wisdom, Reality

Emotions are running pretty high this week, particularly (or just because of) the whole big Terri Schiavo-palooza-thon that has been playing out in exaggerated intensity. I've already posted a "Quotable" for today, but I think a second offering is more than appropriate...

When confusion ceases, tranquility comes; when tranquility comes, wisdom appears, and when wisdom appears, reality is seen.

-- Buddhist Saying, often attributed to Keizan Jokin (1264-1325)

In other words, running hot with emotion and making decisions from that base will not help in this case. I understand that it is easy to get emotional, and those emotions can seem empowering in the short term. But this situation, much like any hotly contested issue, will only be settled for the highest good of all involved when our minds are free from the cloud of emotion.

(Yes, those last few words came from someone who has been known to fly off on an irrational rant more than once in his life. Deal with it.)

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