Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Brilliant at Easter

Brilliant at Breakfast has a darkly wonderful take on Easter Week and the Terri Schiavo-palooza-thon that has gripped the nation.
Teaser: ...During the course of Holy Week the secular world watches as starvation takes its toll on Terri Schiavo. Few, if any, will make any connection between John Paul II’s breathing tube and Terri’s feeding tube. Religious people of all persuasions fast and pray, and do all manner of penance and sacrifice pleading with Almighty God for Terri and for the world. At 3:00 pm on March 25, Good Friday, the entire world falls victim to absolute, total, complete darkness. Panic and fear grip the masses the world over. Only John Paul II and Terri know what’s going on...
Go read the whole thing ... you have to catch the conclusion to this Easter special. And thanks to Running Scared for the tip.

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