Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Beatitudes at the Pentagon?

In light of the recent Supreme Court deliberations on displaying the 10 Commandments, columnist Richard Mouw proposes posting the Beatitudes as a substitute:
"Let’s at least be scolded for promoting something that comes straight from Jesus." [link]
He admits it's not an original idea. Kurt Vonnegut proposed it last year. Still, it's an interesting read, as is Vonnegut's original column. Me? I'm waiting for someone to realize there is a wealth of sacred teachings out there, and we can glean something from all of them. Imagine if the Nine Noble Virtues were posted in schools. Or, what if parts from the Havamal were posted in the Senate:
If aware that another is wicked, say so: Make no truce or treaty with foes. (Havamal, #127)
Our House of Representatives could probably use a bit of a nudge from Buddhism's Eightfold Noble Path:
Yeah ... trying to get anyone in Congress to think about "Right Livelihood." I must be out of my ever-lovin' mind.

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