Thursday, March 03, 2005


The war in Iraq now boasts a death toll of 1,500 Americans. Does it even seem possible? I cannot even think straight about it, so I'll just direct you to read a stunning success (Smijer & Buck) and A Moment of Silence (Running Scared) for details and commentary. errata: Corrected the reference to "a stunning success" per Smijer's comment (3/5/2005).


smijer said...

Not to pick nits (or is it gnits), but to give credit where credit is due... A Stunning Success actually came from Buck's side of the table...

brainwise said...

Gnats to you, too. And thanks for the correction. It's always good to give credit where it is due.

I had actually intended to credit the link to "Smijer & Buck." But I must have been distracted or something. So the entry was posted with a paranthetical sans-Buck. Or something to that affect. Silly me, trying to work when I should be concentrating on blogging.

Or is that the other way around? I guess it depends on where I am, eh?