Thursday, January 27, 2005

Roosters with Gloves

Via Jazz over at Middle Earth Journal. CNN reports that a lawmaker wants to put tiny boxing gloves on roosters. State Sen. Frank Shurden (Democrat!) is a long-time defender of cockfighting and is apparantly pining over the fact that a ban on the bloodsport "had wiped out a $100-million business." In an attempt to revive his beloved pasttime, he has proposed little boxing gloves and chicken-sized vests configured with sensors to record hits and keep score:
"It's like the fencing that you see on the Olympics, you know, where they have little balls on the ends of the swords and the fencers wear vests," said Shurden. "That's the same application that would be applied to the roosters."
Okay. I have to respond to this with the same comment I left at MEJ: Does this mean he thought up this idea by watching Olympic Fencing? How does someone make the great leap in reasoning from a fencer's garb to reviving cockfighting?!? I can only hope this isn't a prime example of how he deals with other issues for his constituents.

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