Monday, January 31, 2005

Iraq the Vote

Well, Iraq's first free elections in several decades occurred yesterday. Sure, there were plenty of nay-sayers. But right now, President Bush is basking in an apparent victory just for this vote to have taken place. And conservative pundits are indeed claiming this vote as a victory for both the Iraqi people and especially President Bush. In fact, they're practically giddy. Michael Smerconish, whose morning show is beamed out of the Philly area, said this morning that "the Iraqi people have voted with their feet" and that this election is a validation of President Bush and his policy in their country. I think he may have actually gone so far as to call it a ringing endorsement. A couple of callers bemoaned mainstream coverage of the elections, saying that Dan Rather, for example, actually looked "pained to be reporting something positive about the elections." Bush is certainly getting some good press over it. And the mayor of Baghdad has even suggested the city will build a statue for Bush. (Personally, I think that move will go over just as well as that image of an American soldier draping the American Flag over a statue of Saddam Hussein in April of 2003. But that's just me.) Not everyone is unabashedly singing praises. Some folks are being a bit reserved in complimenting the President (Holy crap, Bush did something right?). While others might be going so far as to completely naysay the election. Of course, only history will judge this with any kind of accuracy.
Update: As usual, Jazz does an excellent job of reminding us what "vindication" is really all about over at Running Scared. While most of the media focuses on Bush's victory and takes snarky swipes at Kerry and Kennedy, they are missing the point that Jazz makes so bluntly:
People wishing George W. Bush ill are not wishing the Iraqi people ill. They are hoping that the people of Iraq can survive George W. Bush's "help."

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