Monday, January 10, 2005

CBS News: 'Great Satan' Helps Muslims

Yep. That's the title of this article from the CBS News website. It points out a very clear contrast:
The very day President G.W. Bush reached out to Democrat Bill Clinton and recruited his father, Republican G. H. W. Bush, to generate private tsunami-relief donations, Osama bin Laden's comrades detonated three car bombs in Baghdad, killing 16 Iraqi cops and soldiers toiling to rebuild their country. Once again, "the Great Satan" rescues endangered Muslims while Islamic zealots blew their co-religionists to bits.
Apparently, the news media would like to see the Iraqis -- if not the international Muslim community -- issue a big cry of "what have you done for us lately?," directed right at Osama bin-not-so-nearly-forgotten. Will the US jump on this good PR opportunity? Well, the story was posted on January 6th, but I have not seen any change in diplomacy efforts. But maybe that is just because the focus is on helping victims and there has been no time or inclination to think, "Gee, how can this help us?" If that is the case, I applaud it and hope they keep at it.

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