Friday, January 28, 2005

Behold .... Darth Tater!

"Awwww ... who's da cute widdle space villain? You! You're da cute widdle space villain!"
Darth Tater thumbnail
Yes, that's right, Playskool has unveiled the darker side of Mr. Potato Head. This simply smashing Sith Lord should be available in time for the opening of Episode III in the continuing debasement of the Star Wars universe (er, I meant the third and final of the travesties known as the Star Wars prequels). That little bugger sure is cute, but he is also symbolic of the decline of Vader's iconic nature. I was about 10 years old when the first Star Wars film was released. And I'm not afraid to admit this: The dude was scarey!

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brainwise said...

Since it looks like I started a bit of a rant in the post, I'll quickly wrap it up here.

These days, the acting and the lame/shoddy storylines are the most frightening aspects of the current crop of Star Wars flicks. Sure, the production values are arguably better, but Special FX are only a small part of the magic of the original Star Wars. The first three (OK, the first 2!) films touched our hearts and inspired our imaginations. These prequels have no heart and are more image conscious than imaginative.

True, the Star Wars franchise doesn't really amount to anything in the world, particularly when there are real wars, disasters, and tragedies in full swing. But this blog is called Prophet or Madman ... and inane banter about films is as a good candidate for the madman side of that equation as any.

Oh, and I want a Darth Tater. It would look great right next to my Buddy Christ and The Tick.