Friday, December 03, 2004

WTF? -- Missouri Pulls Video Games from Prison

OK. Now here is something that will either make you smack your forehead or cause your blood to boil; maybe both:
Missouri's most violent criminals can no longer play video games that simulate murders, carjackings and the killing of police officers, a decision reached after prison officials were told about the content. "We didn't closely review these," Dave Dormire, superintendent of the Jefferson City Correctional Center, told The Kansas City Star. "We were told these games had more like cartoon violence." [USA Today]
I have a question ... Why the heck were they even playing video games in the first place?! Now, maybe I'm just slow, but didn't they forfeit the right to participate in leisure activities like this once they were incarcerated for their crime(s)? Mind you, I'm not saying I would happily go to prison if I knew I would have access to an X-Box -- I don't even play video games -- but this just seems like it would be a no-brainer. Hey, I'd like to submit an idea to the Jefferson City Correctional staff: How about crochet as a recreational activity for your inmates? It worked in Demolition Man (OK, that was just a lousy movie, so there is no proof that crochet would actually work, but it was funny). At the very least, those folks should be doing yoga or something to keep them calm and in shape. The rationale for the clam part is fairly evident; the reason for keeping them fit: well, you don't want a bunch of video-game addicted fatties on the state dole, right?

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