Thursday, December 23, 2004

From the "Some Like It Hot" Department...

Here is a simple truism: Most people like their coffee hot. Wolfgang Puck, a renowned chef, is banking on that truism: He will introduce a self-heating coffee container on Jan. 2. Consumers can buy a 10-ounce container of Puck's gourmet latte at the store and heat it by just pressing a button. The container mixes calcium oxide and water, heating the coffee to 145 degrees in six minutes ... So, you cannot get it for Christmas, but it should be available during Xmas Aftermath -- an annual ritual otherwise known as "the-time-to-take-the-crap-you-received-from-your-relatives-back-to-the-store-and-exchange-it-for-something-you-actually-want-or-need".

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