Friday, December 03, 2004

Friday Pet Blogging | Tootsie & Snuggles

Time to switch things up a bit. I visited my parents over the Thanksgiving holiday and finally met their new puppies ... Tootsie and Snuggles!

Tootsie and Snuggles -- click for larger image Tootsie (sitting): What are we doing today, bro? Snuggles (standing): Same thing we do everyday, sis. Chew things and run around!

Go ahead and click the pic for a larger view. This is a rare inaction shot. Tootsie (short for Tootsie Rool) is the smaller pup sitting in the background. Snugglepuppy -- or just Snuggles, for short -- is standing in the foreground. They are both from the same litter. Tootsie actually belongs to my sister and her daughter, who came up with the names, but she gets to visit her brother on a regular basis. In fact, Snuggles goes through a form of withdrawal when he doesn't see his little sister on a regular basis!

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And to all those Milo & Otis fans out there -- don't worry! I have more pics of the boys and I will have them up later today (at least, I hope I have them up later today).

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Cynthia said...

Milo and Otis AND PUPPIES! Oh, my!