Friday, December 10, 2004

Friday Pet Blogging | Behind (Staircase) Bars

Milo and Otis give their very best "prison" looks. Escape from Cat-ratraz anyone?

Milo & Otis in the Milo (left) and Otis (right) make with the tough-guy inmate look.

You can really tell that Milo is the more patient of the two. His expression seems to be one of, "Yeah, I'm behind bars right now, but just you wait...Oh? You think you're tough? We'll see who's tough when you try to come upstairs."

Otis' expression is one of someone who knows that the slightest thing will break his tough-guy facade. He is letting Milo do all the talking.

The Modulator has a compilation of pet posts from other bloggers.

Here is the complete list of Milo & Otis' appearances on Prophet or Madman: M and O Archives

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