Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Something Fun: The Ultrainteractive KungFu-Remixer!

LokiSpeak (who is still on hiatus from blogging) shared a link to the ULTRAINTERACTIVE KUNGFU-REMIXER. This thing is pretty cool. It requires flash, and there is sound, and it may load slowly on dial-up connections, but "a good fight is always worth the wait!" Once it loads, you can choose from four different sound modes (suspense, mystery, fight, and victory) and then press keys (or click the keyboard map with your mouse) to remix and play fight sequences. You can even record your work and play it back; but you cannot save your work for posterity ... yet. The designers are planning to add a database so that "users can store their results and share it with others, thereby giving Bruce a small virtual home." Go re-animate the dragon, now!

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