Friday, November 19, 2004

Required Viewing: 300 Miles High

300 Miles High -- Images of Planet Earth -- Click to Enter
300 miles up is the vantage point of a typical space shuttle orbit. Kokogiak has assembled an impressive collection of the best photos that were taken of our planet from this distance. 125 of them in all. According to the info page (which also features some great viewing hints and resource links):
To give credit where it is due, all these images come from NASA, which allows free reproduction for non-profit enterprises. Further credit goes to the many astronauts who actually framed and photographed many of these amazing images. Some were taken remotely, others by automatic cameras mounted on the Shuttle or the International Space Station. Nearly all are true color images, only a few have infrared coloring (green foliage looks reddish-pink).
Do yourself a favor today. Take some time and pore over these images. Let them truly seep into your soul. You will see that they display a profound truth: Political boundaries are merely a product of the human mind, which is the source of all boundaries and limitations. Bookmark 300 Miles High and return to it whenever you need a reminder of the beauty in the world that is the world. When you need a reminder that you are a part of something much larger and wondrous. When you need hope.

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