Friday, November 12, 2004

Friday Pet Blogging

For today's pet photo, we have another excellent pic from the Otis & Milo Tabletop Series:
Otis asks Milo: "Did you see what I think I just saw?!?!"
Once you've had your fill here, check The Modulator for today's compilation of pet posts from other bloggers (as well as links to archived compilations).


CyndyMW said...

I just love your pet blogging posts! I've subscribed to your RSS feed mostly to get these cat pics.

How do you tell them apart?

Brainwise said...

Well, the (blue) collar helps -- only Otis wears one. Oh, Milo had a black collar for a short, short time, but that is a long story.

Also, Otis is the leaner of the two (Milo, the chunky one, also has the nickname "Pudge"). And if you take a close look at their whiskers, Otis has a few that swoop up, but all of Milo's swoop down. They are the comedy and tragedy kitties!