Monday, October 25, 2004

Stop the Senseless Death of Quality Web Content

Filed under "Help Wanted..." on my homepage. It is almost -- but not quite -- too late to help save a quality webcomic with your subscription.
Are you excited about the Norm?
Yeah, I know this wouldn't get a high rating on the crisis-o-meter -- if there even were such a thing -- but I like this cartoon. I think Michael Jantze draws a great strip and crafts funny yet insightful stories. And shouldn't someone be compensated for doing a job well? I mean, George W. Bush has been compenstated quite handsomely for doing a very poor job (baseball team, oil companies, POTUS ... whoops, going off-topic again ... sorry). OK, I know, I know ... life isn't fair. But I don't want to lose one of my favorite comics! Help if you care about quality content enough to support it.

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