Thursday, October 14, 2004

Presidential Debate III: Post-Debate Polls

Over at PoliticalStrategy, Tom Ball has collected links to Post-Debate Polls from several news sources. His collection includes some specific city/state polls, such as KYW Philadelphia (look for "CBS 3 POLL"). Yeah, I live outside of Philly, so this one was of interest to me. Tom Ball is one of the big guns at PoliticalStrategy (well, he has his name under the "Contact Us" header). And I should point out that he is definitely pro-Kerry. In fact, I think most of the PoliticalStrategists have a distinct lean toward the Kerry-Edwards ticket. But that doesn't have to influence your vote in the polls. Or your vote come election day. (But would it really be so bad if this did have an influence on your vote?) Post-Debate Polls:

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