Sunday, October 31, 2004

More Dissent in the Ranks

Guess what. It's not just liberals who are complaining about President Bush and his administration. I have seen more and more rank and file republicans -- conservative republicans, mind you -- voicing their disappointment. Just this weekend, I received the following information in an email from COME BACK TO THE MAINSTREAM, a nationwide association of Republicans (leaders, former officials, and other individuals) concerned about the direction of the G.O.P. -------------------------------- Four leading conservatives have released statements voicing concerns about the direction of the Bush Administration and leadership of the Republican party,“Conversations with Conservatives.” These short video commentaries offer in depth analysis of the Republican Party, our values, and our choice for the future course of our nation. Speakers:
  • Clyde Prestowitz (counsel to the Secretary of Commerce in the first Reagan Administration),
  • Peter G. Peterson (Commerce Secretary under Richard Nixon, chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations and, until recently, chairman of the New York Federal Reserve Bank),
  • Russell Train (director of the EPA under Presidents Nixon and Ford), and
  • John Dean (White House Counsel for Richard Nixon).
Click here to view the videos: Each man offers a potent critique rooted in principles that should resonate with Americans across the political spectrum. Quotes from the Films:
“The administration's use of the term ‘conservative' to describe itself is Orwellian because it's exactly the opposite of what ‘conservative' means . The administration is not conservative. It's radical . . . .” (Prestowitz) Bush engineered “a radical rollback of environmental policy” compared to previous Republican administrations. “ The administration has declared war on the environment .” (Train) “I always thought of the Republicans as the party of fiscal responsibility, but my party has lost its moorings .” (Peterson) Bush's tax cuts exhibit “fiscal recklessness” which is “almost criminal.” “ What are we leaving to our children? We're slipping them a huge check for our free lunch ." (Peterson) The administration's “obsessive” secrecy makes it “worse than Watergate,” having “stonewalled” the 9/11 commission, “pulled back from the press,” and blocked the release of presidential records and unfavorable reports. (Dean)

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