Thursday, October 28, 2004

Last Night's Show (The Eclipse)

Did you see the total lunar eclipse last night? Did you catch the pre-show: that fabulous sunset? I left my office just after 6pm EST. The sun had just started its journey below the horizon, and all I could do was stare at the sky. Well, for a few moments anyway. I quickly recovered and snapped a few pics with my digital camera. Even on the drive home, going north on Route 309, I tried to snap a few shots of the fading sky. As far as the eclipse is concerned, I was able to snap a few pre-eclipse shots. I'm afraid they're not very sharp -- I did not have my tripod handy, so I just braced myself against my car as best as I could to minimize camera motion. I hope they are not too fuzzy because they are all I have. After I arrived at my house, I prepared my film camera and tripods so I could take some shots during the actual eclipse. But cloud cover in my neighborhood kept increasing, so that as the eclipse really got underway, the clouds completely obscured the lunar show. ::: sigh ::: If any of my sunset or pre-eclipse photos turn out to be worthwhile, I'll post them on my photoblog, [sub]urban [text]ure, later today or tomorrow.

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