Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The Death of a Hero

Christopher Reeve

9/25/1952 - 10/10/2004

I know that this isn't news to anyone by now, but I couldn't post when I first heard that Christopher Reeve had passed away on Sunday (October 10, 2004). His passing has really touched me. I was only 10 years old when Reeve appeared in the first Superman movie. I was completely caught up in the magic of those films (at least the first two), and I probably did believe a man could fly. Reeve's legacy is every bit as heroic and inspiring as the comic hero he portrayed.

I doubt I am alone when I say that, for me, Reeve will always be associated with Superman, if only for his involvement with the movies. But Reeve went beyond the portrayal of a hero; he became a true hero and role model to many as he refused to give up in the face of sever odds, and he fought for continued research and treatment. And fans like me wanted to believe that the man who wore the big red S and flew into our childhood would someday walk again. Whatever side of the stem cell debate you are on, even if you prefer private funding for the research, you had to admire the man for his courage and conviction.

There are some nice bits and tributes posted on the KryptonSite news page. And the Superman Homepage features some great cartoon tributes like this one.

Yes, Christopher Reeve will be missed.

[UPDATE 10.13.2004]

You can make a donation to the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation at its website.

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