Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday 80 Flashback for August 29, 2014

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[Worlds Apart] -- Though I graduated over 20 years ago, Labor Day weekend makes me think of college. I am particularly mindful of bands I learned about within my first two years at Penn State. One such band was Cactus World News. Although they are best known for "The Bridge" -- their very first single (1985) which was produced by Bono (lead vocalist of U2) -- I tend to remember them for "Worlds Apart," the second single of their first full length effort, Urban Beaches (1986). Perhaps that is the more appropriate song as, with each passing year, I am vastly more worlds apart from the self of my college years. Unfortunately, I cannot spend more time musing on this as I fractured my clavicle in a cycling accident this past Tuesday, and typing is a tad difficult. So, this week, I simply offer up three tunes from Cactus World News, but I do so without my customary editorializing. (I'm sure you're all suitably crushed).

Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday 80s Flashback for August 15, 2014

[Revenge of the 80s] -- A few years ago, June of 2009 to be a bit more precise, I created an 80s playlist for a friend's birthday. She's about half my age, so she never got to experience the 80s. At least not directly. I titled the CD "Revenge of the 80s." It was a 12 track extravaganza, and each song fit the scheme because it met one of the the following four requirements:

  • an 80s song by an 80s artist, 
  • an even older song covered by an 80s artist, 
  • an 80s song covered by another 80s artist, or
  • an 80s song covered by a later artist. 

Got that?

Now, I recently learned of the streaming service known as Mixcloud. After playing around with it a bit, I thought it might be a fun experiment to upload the entire Revenge of the 80s playlist to share it with other 80s fans. You can check it out after the break.

Friday, August 08, 2014

Friday 80s Flashback for August 8, 2014

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[Last Chance to Go Someplace Fun!] -- I've noticed a certain kind of advertisement on TV recently. And I have also noticed some youngsters worrying that the Summer will wind down before they go someplace or do what they want. Yes, we are getting close to "back-to-school" season. There is still time, however, for one last trip before kids give up their sun-drenched freedom for assigned seating and homework. So, for this week, let's enjoy some 80s songs about ... going places (other than a classroom). To read and hear more about this theme, just travel beyond the break. 

Friday, August 01, 2014

Friday 80s Flashback for August 1, 2014

[This week in 1982...] -- I am finally over the jet lag of taking the redeye home from San Diego on Wednesday morning. I am not, however, quite recovered from the end of SDCC 2014. So rather than create a theme and find three 80s songs to fit it, I've decided to simply look at what was on the top of the Billboard Hot 100 this week in 1982. Do you remember what was in the top three slots 32 years ago? Join me in a little walk down a sonic memory lane after the break!