Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday 80s Flashback for July 29, 2011

[The Eyes Have It] -- Given the theme of The Eyes Have It, you might think "Eye of the Tiger" would make the playlist, but you would be wrong. Given that I was at Comic-Con last week, you might think that this week's Flashback theme was inspired by their logo, but again you would be wrong. No, earlier this month, before I even packed for Comic-Con, I heard a song and said to myself, "Dude, two more songs about eyes and you've got a Flashback theme." Now, you probably want to know what that tune was, but you'll have to wait because I'm saving it for last. So, what are you waiting for? Find out what did make the cut. Just click toread and hear more after the break.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday 80s Flashback for July 22, 2011

"Look at what's happened to me: I'm an accidental superhero!"

[This Looks Like a Job for a Hero!] -- As I am attending the San Diego Comic-Con this week, I figured we should have a heroic them for this week's Flashback. Makes sense, right? I'm fully immersed in movies, comics, web-series, video games, and other media that deal with heroes, anti-heroes, reluctant heroes, and the occasional, honest-to-badness villain. But there's nothing nefarious in this week's playlist. Or is there? To find out, read and hear more after the break.

San Diego Comic-Con 2011!

I am attending my first Comic-Con. I've been reading comics books since ... well, for a very long time ... and I'm a big fan of sci-fi and pop-culture. But I just never got around to traveling from PA to CA for this pop-culture Mecca.

Until this week, that is.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday 80s Flashback for July 15, 2011

[Angels Gone Wrong] -- Last week on the Flashback, we had a selection of tunes that could be described as divinely inspired. This week, we're going to go in the opposite direction. These humid summer days seem the perfect backdrop for songs about a tinge of darkness hidden behind a facade of beauty. What tales of fallen angels grace the Flashback? Read and hear more after the break.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Friday, July 08, 2011

Friday 80s Flashback for July 8, 2011

[Angels in the 80s] -- The English word, angel, comes from a fusion of the Old English word engel and the Old French angele. Both of those words have their roots in the Latin angelus, which is a romanization of the ancient Greek ἄγγελος (angelos) for "messenger" (look it up on Wikipedia or a dictionary). Why am I starting a blog post with the etymology of angel? Well, I have a very good reason for doing so: This week's Flashback features songs about those otherworldly beings found in several spiritual traditions ... as well as TV, movies, and literature. If you have been following my day job adventures on Twitter and Facebook, you might think this post is something of a prayer for heavenly assistance. And though one could successfully pose an argument proving I am in need of such help, this blog entry is not an attempt to secure it. No, I simply heard one of this week's tunes as I shuffled as I shuffled to and from work -- the iPod is a boon to my morning and evening commutes. So, are you wondering what song inspired this week's Flashback (and the other two selections)? To find out, you can read and hear more after the break.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Friday 80s Flashback for July 1, 2011 (Fourth of July Weekend!)

[A Rockin' Fourth!] -- Today we embark on a three-day weekend in celebration of the Fourth of July. Sounds like a perfect theme for the Friday 80s Flashback, right? Now, I don't know that the Founding Fathers would look favorably upon, or even understand, this week's playlist. But there will be plenty of serious fare discussing the events of 1776 on the web, radio, and television. So on the Flashback, we're gong to cut loose and have some fun. If you're ready to celebrate with me in 80s rock style, then read and hear more after the break.