Monday, June 13, 2005

Blocked Kitty Blues

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Well, Otis had to return to the ER over the weekend because he was blocked again. Mrs. Brainwise transported him to our regular vet this morning, and I am awaiting word on his condition, but I do know that he is now a candidate for the surgical option of treating FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease). During her morning surfing, Mrs. Brainwise found this wonderful site: which she summarizes thusly:
"It is a story (from a cat's point of view) on this surgery. It also has some good links for the actual specifics about the surgery in the first section if you are interested (but I would not recommend ... click[ing] on the second link as they are not wrong about the photos -- it is graphic). You also don't have to read the whole thing BUT you do have to read the end section - it explains it all."
I concur. And I feel horrible because Mrs. Brainwise had to deal with this practically all by herself. I was on the run constantly this weekend with shows (two musical productions, "The Jungle Book" and "Friends Forever") as well as a workshop. Fortunately, Mrs. Brainwise's mother had come for a visit and to spend more time with the cats since she will be watching them when we go on vacation. (Boy, did she get the full experience or what?) Please, keep our furbaby in your thoughts if you have the time. His brother, Milo, misses him terribly. We all want him home, healthy and whole, as soon as possible.

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