Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Panzer Pope!

The Pope is dead. Long live the Pope. Cardinal John Ratzinger has swept the papal election to become Pope Benedict XVI. He is the first German Cardinal to become Pope since the 11th century. Here is a sampling of chatter around some corners of the blogosphere: Not too much right now on my favorite pagan blogs (Wildhunt Blog, The Juggler, Hardscrabble Creek, etc). And the Cardinal Ratzinger Fansite is down. I don't know if that means too many fans are trying to hit it, or if too many hecklers have attacked it. So far, my favorite nickname for him is "Panzer Pope." Updates -- More Reactions and Comments:


occult investigator said...

my vote for nicknames is "Natzinger"

Jason Pitzl-Waters said...

My comments are up now. Mostly a selection of quotes on the matter. This doesn't look good for ecumenical relations.